Sapulpa couple is still remembering their unexpected blessing

Monday, November 28th 2005, 6:02 am
By: News On 6

It was an unexpected visit to the local steakhouse that a Sapulpa couple will never forget. A week later, they are still in awe at their parking lot miracle, which made their visit, a table for three.

News on 6 anchor Tami Marler says Jon and Kim Cobb are already the parents of two grown children and they say they never expected to have another baby in their forties.

Baby Madison was a surprise in more ways than one. Jon Cobb: "we started counting, spacing the labor pains a part to figure out how far along she is and we realized she's pretty far along."

Four weeks early, their little bundle of joy wasn't going to wait. Jon and Kim Cobb loaded into the family SUV and headed for the hospital in Tulsa. Jon Cobb: "just as we passed Freddie's restaurant there she told me that we're not going to make it." Jon made a U-turn, hoping to head home, but baby Madison was already on her way. They pulled into the Freddie's Steakhouse parking lot and called for help. "I said my wife's in labor and she's having a baby right now. I said well the baby's coming right now, so they started talking me through on how to deliver it."

Kim says she didn't really have time to worry. “I knew I was in good hands." They laid the passenger seat down and got ready to welcome little Madison into the world. Jon Cobb: "the baby just come on out, I caught it. Then they told me I need to tie off the umbilical cord and I had nothing to tie it off with. So they told me to find a shoestring." The ambulance showed up just as Jon was pulling the shoe string out of his wife's shoe.

Jon Cobb says delivering his daughter is an experience he'll treasure forever. “Actually being the one who actually has the hands on experience delivering her is a story we're going to have to tell each other for the rest of our lives."

Despite her unusual birth, Madison is perfectly healthy. The Cobb's say when the folks out at Freddie Steakhouse heard what happened; they promised Madison a $25 savings bond.