Singing seniors

Tuesday, November 15th 2005, 10:43 am
By: News On 6

Music can be good for what ails you. It's not a cure-all but it sure can make you feel better.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells visited some folks who are living proof of that. It's a unique choir group at Asbury United Methodist Church in Tulsa, they love to sing and they do it well. Something special happening at Asbury United Methodist Church every Tuesday afternoon.

It's rehearsal day for the Asbury Singing Ambassadors. It's a pretty exclusive group, you can't get in until you reach the age of 60 and it's mostly people never been in a choir before. Choir director John Sawyer: "I call 'em pew sitters, those are people who've all their lives sat in the pews and watched performers."

Two of those pew sitters are Ella and Clarence Lain, not only are they new to singing, they're new to each other. They are newlyweds, sort of. They've only been together for four years, but she says they fit so well together it's like they've been married a long long time. On their first date they went to the Piccadilly. Ella Lain: “I hadn't dated in so long; I'd forgotten what to say hardly." What ever it was it must have worked, now they're singing together every Tuesday.

There are 174 active members of this group; most are church members but not all. They come to Asbury on Tuesdays because they love to sing and they love the group. John Sawyer: "We laugh a lot and cut up alot."

Most come early, in fact, the Lain's were the first in the door at noon, an hour before rehearsal started, and lots of time to talk and catch up. It's their Tuesday appointment.

The song they were rehearsing Tuesday is “Still, Still, Still.” They're pretty good. The song the Ambassadors were singing was recorded for a fundraising CD for the Tulsa Food bank and they'll sing it at Asbury Sunday the 27th.