Clocks, clocks and more clocks

Tuesday, November 1st 2005, 10:04 am
By: News On 6

The change from daylight saving to standard time was just this past Sunday, and some of us are still getting used to the difference. Nothing new about that, but as the News on 6's Rick Wells found out there is plenty new about clocks.

Clocks are changing with the times and doing more things. For example, an electronic grandfather clock on display at Grandfather’s Clock Gallery at 31st and Yale. You can change its tune, get tired of Westminster chimes, try Big Ben.

Here’s something different. Harley Hunter with Grandfather’s Clock Gallery: "Sleeps at night if you want it to." Rick Wells: "So it goes to sleep when you do?" Harley Hunter: “Uh huh, about 10 o'clock, wakes up about 7."

Then there are musical clocks, which are all the rage now with people who like clocks. They play half a dozen different tunes. Check out the atmos-clock. No windup, no batteries, runs on changes in atmospheric pressure. Harley Hunter: "a 2 degree change will wind it a full day." Theoretically it will run for ever, needs to be cleaned though every 20 years.

Want really precise time, there are radio controlled clocks, the time is corrected on a signal from the official atomic clock in Fort Collins Colorado.

There are clocks from a few dollars to a few thousand. Harley Hunter: "most expensive one, $18,000."

Need something more basic, there is a clock for you. Harley Hunter: "To wind the clock you just turn it upside down."

Credit daylight savings time as one more idea of Ben Franklin, who thought it would be a great way of saving some daylight for the end of the day.