A 9-hour standoff ends with an arrest in a Tulsa shooting

Sunday, October 30th 2005, 6:42 pm
By: News On 6

A Saturday night shooting leads to a nine-hour stand-off. Tulsa Police officers say they traded gunfire with the suspect several times throughout the night.

A situation made even more dangerous because police say he was holding two young children hostage. The News on 6 was the only station there when officers finally took the suspect into custody.

It took all night, but police say they finally got the man they believe barricaded himself in an apartment with two young children.

Tulsa Police officer Scott Walton: "a very long night for alot of officers and very intense."

Early Sunday morning shots rang out at the Compass Pointe Apartment Complex. Officers says 32 year-old Leslie Harrison was wounded.

Scott Walton: “as he approached her shots were fired he was forced to take cover at that time."

During that gun battle, police were forced to bust through a window to drag Harrison to safety.

Officers say she had about 15 to 20 entry and exit wounds. But Harrison wasn't the only victim.

Tulsa Police say her two children, a two year old and a four-year old were held up in the apartment with the armed suspect. Police evacuated part of the apartment complex, and the special operations team decided to go in.

Scott Walton: "he first fired upon the special operations team there was an exchange of gun fire...we learned later the suspect was shot once in that."

The standoff continued throughout the night and early Sunday morning, police say the suspect finally surrendered.

42 year-old Darryl Scott was taken to the hospital to be treated for a minor gun shot wound to his arm. He was booked into the jail on complaints of shooting with intent to kill, kidnapping, and domestic abuse. Police say the two children taken hostage during the standoff are fine.

Scott Walton: "I think this was a very trying situation for the officers, the special operations team and everybody to make some very strategic calls and guarantee the safety of these children."