Price is Right winner from Tahlequah has her dreams come true

Tuesday, October 25th 2005, 9:55 am
By: News On 6

The lifelong dream of a young Tahlequah woman came true when she got to go on the Price is Right. The show aired Tuesday on the News on 6.

Did she win it all? The News on 6 caught up with her in Tahlequah to see firsthand. News on 6 reporter Steve Berg says 'yes' after spotting a shiny new Pontiac Grand Prix on the streets of Tahlequah.

Janessa Longest says it was the trip of a lifetime. "I've prepared myself since I was a toddler for this one moment in my life and it's the biggest high ever." Janessa says the Price is Right experience exceeded all her expectations, except for the studio. "It's so small, even watching it on TV today; they make it look so much bigger." But that's okay, because Bob is really the big star. "He looks just as does he on TV. I think he finally got a new microphone, the tip of it is a little bigger, doesn't quite look like a dum-dum pop anymore. He is so nice, he is so nice. And I kissed him and I got to hug him, he was nice. It was cool."

Janessa sailed through the early rounds, and never had any doubts until the showcase showdown. "I've always had this recurring dream that I get into the showcase and overbid by $734." Fortunately that dream didn't come true, and this one did.

Her favorite prize was an autographed picture of Bob Barker. "Only contestants get those, it's not like something they sell in the gift shop. He's up in the living room, right next to my TV. I think I've been watching the show since I could walk." Now she can drive her new Pontiac Grand Prix, which she won in the showcase showdown.