Couple Finds Pornographic Surprise on Used Video Game Card

Wednesday, October 19th 2005, 5:05 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa woman says she got more than she bargained for when she bought a used memory card for her husband's PlayStation Portable videogame.

The couple was surprised to find hardcore porn on the card.

News on Six Reporter Steve Berg says with so many kids buying the Portable PlayStation, they want to warn other parents about the problem.

This little card is the source of a big problem.

Amber York bought a used one to save money. But she and her husband Ricky found that whoever had used it was doing more than saving videogames.

"He also found 3 more small clips of a woman doing very inappropriate things downloaded as well," Amber said.

It might be funny if it was just them.

But as parents themselves, they realize how bad it would be if the handheld video wound up in the wrong hands.

"Any child could buy this," says Ricky. "Anyone could buy this, and people need to be warned about it."

Besides the fact the PlayStation Portable is geared for kids, the problem is compounded by the fact it's so easy to transfer video files from a computer to the game device.

They have to be in the PlayStation Portable format, but there are free programs readily available that will do the converting for you.

And we found more than one website with porn movies that were already converted and ready for downloading.

The practice is apparently so common that the device has been nicknamed the PlayStation "Porn"able by some.

Ricky says, "Cause the biggest gimmick for this device is you can connect it to you computer, download your pictures, your music clips whatever. And apparently, people do this and they do inappropriate things."

The Yorks say the store employees were polite and apologized for the problem, but didn't seem to understand how to delete the files.

More than anything, they want to warn parents to screen the used video cards for the PSP before junior gets an eyeful.