'Tis the season for Halloween

Tuesday, October 11th 2005, 10:22 am
By: News On 6

It's the most spook-tacular time of year, when people shell out frightening amounts of money to decorate themselves, their houses and their kids for Halloween.

News on 6 reporter Rick Wells visited one of those Halloween superstores to find out what they are spending all that money on.

Jeepers, I just got over last Halloween and here it is again. With a few new twists on a very old theme. More animated stuff, like Freddie Kruger.

A ghost jumps around on a string.

There is a thing that moves on a wire. It would look good going between the house and the tree in the front yard.

A zombie thing operates like a remote control car.

Dan Kradle operates the Spirit Halloween Superstore in Promenade Mall. This is the second season for the store and he's amazed what people are doing.

People are going a lot further with outside decorations." They are buying big items like that hanging purple spider or the inflatable outside and building an entire display around it. But costumes are still the bread and butter of the business, for kids they follow movies. "Star Wars is the hottest one this year."

Pet costumes are popular too. But sometimes all you need is a hat.

Then there is something that could be fun and annoying, wise cracking skulls that talk back to each other. There's an infrared beam, when you break it they start talking, they work up to ten feet apart.

The National Retail Federation says consumers will spend about 5.4 percent more on Halloween this year. If you are one of them, the Spirit Halloween Superstore will be open at Promenade Mall through November 1st.