Tulsa Airport Officials Say Travelers Are Prepared For New Security Measures

Friday, August 11th 2006, 10:27 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa International Airport is experiencing some delays because of the new liquid-free security measures in place at the airport.

News on 6 reporter Jennifer Loren says airport security began searching all cars as they entered the facility’s parking lots on Friday.

Officials say people are coming to the airport completely prepared for the new security measures. In fact, he says Friday has been like any other Friday.

As travelers wave goodbye to their loved ones and prepare for their flights, their carry-on bags are already clear of any liquids. "Put everything in my suitcase, even my insulin and juice. I usually carry juice."

The lines were short and only one flight was delayed around noontime. But over in baggage claim, travelers coming home paint a different picture.

Joy Franken and Kimberly McCallum returned home from a mission trip in Ireland. They began traveling home early Thursday morning. Joy Franken: "We were detained for four hours in customs." Jennifer Loren: "Why?" Joy Franken: "We're never quite sure." Some baggies was the only carry-ons they were allowed. But that's when they arrived in the US.

Leaving Europe, they couldn't have anything. "We were given a bag and we were told we were allowed our wallet, our passport and our ticket and that was it." They found out the hard way that liquids were not even allowed in their checked bags as they left Europe. "Our shampoo was gone. Our conditioner was gone. Our face wash was gone. Our liquid makeup was gone, including mascara, lipstick, and foundation. Everything was gone out of our bag."

Phobus Sullivan was coming home from Africa. He was not amused by the extra security. "They would strip you out of the food you be bringing. Almost, you know, they could take away everything! All your clothes if they have to."

Sullivan says it’s as if the terrorists are winning. He says, even with a foiled plot, they have changed our lives.