Muskogee Extends Operation Of Its Cool Zone

Thursday, August 3rd 2006, 10:03 am
By: News On 6

The heat is taking a toll on more people across eastern Oklahoma. More hot weather in the forecast is prompting one town to keep its cooling center open for a while longer.
Folks in Muskogee can go to the Civic Center through the rest of the week to cool off.

News on 6 anchor Craig Day says in a room at the Muskogee Civic Center, people are getting probably the best gift they could receive on such a sweltering day.

Kindness in the form of a nice cool place to stay. Muskogee resident Terry Clark: "We really appreciate it. Because we tried staying in our house and wake up in the morning and ring sweat out of the sheets. It's great that they're doing this."

The Clark family came to a cool zone set up at the Muskogee Civic Center downtown because they don't have air conditioning at home. Jimmy Moore with Muskogee Emergency Management: "We're trying to reach out to these folks and do whatever we can do to get them here."

In addition to the air conditioning, folks can watch TV, take a nap, play games and enjoy drinks and snacks donated by area businesses. The Clark's are among as many as 90 people a day that are coming to the cool zone.

While there has been a steady turnout at the cool zone at the Muskogee Civic Center, emergency workers know there are many more people in the area that are in danger during the heat wave. But for many folks transportation to get to the Civic Center is a big challenge.

Anyone needing a ride to the cool zone at 5th and Boston can call Muskogee County Transit. They'll be picked up at no charge.

That's how the Clark family got to the cool zone. Terry Clark: "I've got an indoor, outdoor thermometer at home and we usually run about ten degrees hotter inside than it is outside. So this is a blessing." A blessing during a blistering heat wave.

The Muskogee cool zone is open 24 hours a day. It's located at 5th and Boston downtown. For a ride, call the Muskogee County Transit at 682-1721. To take advantage of a free ride, call from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.