Behind The Scenes At The Ann's Bakery

Thursday, July 27th 2006, 10:31 am
By: News On 6

She's inspired many a sweet tooth over the years, while raising a family and running a business. Ann Bay, founder of Ann's Bakery, died last week at the age of 100.

News on 6 reporter Heather Lewin went behind the counter at the bakery, now run by Ann's daughter, to see the real ingredients put into becoming a Tulsa icon.

Sharon Pollock's earliest memories are filled with sweet smells and the warmth of her mother's oven. "When I was a little girl I'd crawl down the stairs and come sleep behind the counter." Ann Bay began building her dream before Sharon was born. The Bays bought a home, had it lifted and built the bakery underneath. "Oh it was her home. Her home away from home. It was her life. She was really proud of it."

When supplies were scarce in the 40's Tulsans lined up outside. Sharon says her parents helped out whenever they could. "When she would hire somebody she said if they worked on a farm you know to hire them because they're hard workers."

Valuing honesty above all else, it wasn't just that perfect baker's touch Ann handed down, but a recipe for life. "She always instilled in us hard work, I mean they started from scratch. I remember when my dad would walk to deliver pies to people and you don't see that today."

The store still has the same oven that scratch cakes were pulled out of on opening day in 1940. And they pride themselves on, whenever possible, baking that way today. "It just tastes better to us, because we feel like if we don't like it, we don't want to sell it."

Sharon still has her parents' first business ledger and looks at how prices have changed over the years. The bakery hasn't. She says when they talk about remodeling, customers say no, keep it the same, just the way Ann always had it. "To always treat your customers fairly, I just remember that year after year, she said if you can give the customers a good price and try to treat them fairly." They'll keep coming back.