Storm Causes Flooding In Downtown Tulsa

Friday, June 23rd 2006, 5:40 am
By: News On 6

A slow moving thunderstorm that dropped three inches of rain downtown in about half an hour Thursday afternoon.

Flash flooding caused dozens of cars to stall, and stranded the people driving them. At 15th and Frisco, three cars were in water up to the windshields.

One woman driving home from work hit the water, and had to swim out. Rosetta Cowan: "And my car was sucked into the water and it floated about 30 feet, and it was covered all the way to the back window and I got out and swam up there to the grass."

Other cars were flooded near 13th and Cincinnati, at 26th and Riverside, and 2100 Southwest Boulevard.

At the peak of the storm, 550 people were left without power.

Sky News 6 spotted another flooded mess, this one on US Highway 75. Water covered part of the highway bringing rush hour to a standstill. In some areas near 21st Street, the water was at least a foot deep.

That shut down traffic to one lane for a while.