OSBI Investigating Officer-Involved Shooting In Inola

Sunday, January 12th 2020, 2:04 pm
By: Erick Payne

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is investigating an officer-involved shooting in Inola. 

Investigators said the incident began after an Inola police officer attempted to stop a vehicle Saturday night. The driver refused to stop and the officer pursued the vehicle to the 4200 block of 620 Road in Inola. 

Friends of the man who was shot said his name is Scott Nove, they call him Scottie and said they have known him for months.

Anna Harp said she and her son were trying to help Nove get his life back on track. She said he’s a former addict who has been clean for a while.

“Scottie has the kind of heart that he will give the shirt off his back to help others because he’s been in the trenches so long,” said Harp.   

Nova helped them around the house, like remodeling their bathroom. He was house sitting and watching her son’s dogs.

“Well I do know Scottie doesn’t have a driver’s license or a motorcycle license, but he has keys to the truck, car and motorcycle,” said Harp.

She said he was headed to her son’s house when the Inola police tried to pull him over. According to the OSBI report, Nova refused to stop, but Harp said he was just trying to get home.

“To where he thought if he parked the motorcycle there, he could get ID and show he had permission to be there. I don’t think he was running, in my heart that’s just not him,” she said.

The Inola police officer following him fired his gun as the pursuit ended, hitting Nova in the heel.

“I’m not here to bash the police, I believe in them, and we must support our police officers to the fullest. But when there’s wrong done, wrong must come to the front,” said Harp.

She believes the city of Inola needs to pay for his medical bills.  

The OSBI is investigating whether the shooting was justified.