Men Hold Tulsa Woman At Gunpoint Before Crashing Into Innocent Bystanders, Police Say

Thursday, January 9th 2020, 6:30 pm
By: Dee Duren

Tulsa Police arrested two men accused of holding a woman at gunpoint inside her home, then leading officers on a chase.

That chase ended near 84th and Sheridan, where the suspects crashed head-on into an innocent person driving an SUV.

This started just a couple miles away near 66th and New Haven where police said two men broke into a woman's home. Ring doorbell video shows one of the men, wearing an American flag hoodie, walking up and knocking on the front door.

A little bit later, video from the backyard shows both men leaving the home quickly.

You can see the man in the American flag hoodie holding a canvas tote on one arm, and in his right hand, a pistol.

"They had committed a violent crime against somebody, this wasn't 'hey I stole your purse off your counter while you weren't looking,'" Tulsa Police Lt. Billy White said.

White says the two essentially held the woman hostage while they ransacked her home.

That woman tells us they made off with jewelry. She said she did get some of those valuables back.

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Officers were able to get a description of the two men from the homeowner and found the suspects' car a short time later near 96th and Delaware. It set off a chase that lasted about five minutes.

"They had just committed a violent crime against somebody, so I'm sure they were just trying to get away," White said.

The two men crashed into a white SUV head-on just a couple miles away near 84th and Sheridan.

Joe Durant lives right next to where it happened.

"I was in the house watching TV when I heard this big boom," Durant said.

Durant sayid he thought it was just construction across the street, until he looked out his window.

"I saw the police marching up the road with their guns drawn, and I looked that way and police were marching from that way with their guns drawn," Durant said.

He watched as officers arrested the two suspects, and ambulances took them and one of the victims away.

Police tell us the two suspects and one victim who were taken to the hospital are expected to be okay.