Dramatic Video Shows Deputies In Shootout With Sequoyah County Suspect

Wednesday, January 8th 2020, 6:51 pm
By: Erick Payne

The OSBI is investigating a shooting involving a Sequoyah County deputy and reserve deputy. The Sheriff's Office said 25-year-old Matthew Swain pointed a pellet gun replica of a 1911 pistol at deputies before they opened fire on him.

The Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office said several people called 911 about a man walking down the road with a handgun, pointing it at people in Liberty. 

Body camera video from Deputy Thomas Stafford shows what happened when deputies found Matthew Swain. In the video, you can see Swain raise the gun in his right hand and point it at deputies.

You then see Stafford and Reserve Deputy Robert Johnson take cover behind their patrol car. You can hear countless shots being fired as Swain tries to follow the deputies around the car. 

Each time they get a glimpse of him, investigators said Swain has the pistol pointed at the deputies. About 60 seconds after the first shots, Swain lays down and surrenders.

He had been shot four times.

When officers get Swain's gun, they realize it's actually a pellet gun designed to look like a pistol.

Sequoyah County Sheriff Larry Lane said it's not clear if Swain actually fired the gun at deputies.

"It just happened so fast; you have to react," he said. "The two officers there, the full-time Deputy Stafford and Reserve Deputy Johnson, I couldn't be more proud of them.  They handled themselves great. Stayed as calm as you could - someone attacking you with a gun - and then Deputy Smith arrived and rendering aid, so the whole group did great."

Swain was flown to an Arkansas hospital where he is now recovering. He's expected to survive.

The district attorney will decide on charges. Swain was on probation for a charge of assault and battery on a police officer. 

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","published":"2020-01-09T00:51:07.000Z","updated":"2020-01-09T04:29:29.000Z","summary":"The OSBI is investigating a shooting involving a Sequoyah County deputy and reserve deputy. When deputies found Matthew Swain, they say he pointed a weapon at them, so they shot him.