ATV Stolen From Missouri Boy While Visiting Tulsa Motocross Race

Monday, February 17th 2020, 10:43 pm

A Missouri family visiting Tulsa for their 11-year-old's motocross race this weekend is looking for his stolen racing ATV.

Three people stole a trailer with the ATV and other racing gear over the weekend. Calvin Lamoureaux's beloved purple and green ATV helped the 11-year-old Missouri rider win his motocross race this weekend in Tulsa.

"I done my motos, I practiced, and went and raced and I won," Calvin said. 

His dad Mike said on Saturday, he parked his truck and custom trailer with the ATV's in a restaurant's parking lot near 31st and I-44, but when he came back on Sunday everything was gone.

"It's devastating for the whole family," said Mike Lamoureaux.

Mike said he spent the whole night searching for the stolen property, and officers eventually found the trailer and truck. The suspects spray-painted over Calvin's sponsors, and even his photo, and took precious items inside like a laptop full of years of photos, and racing equipment.

Tulsa police got a search warrant for the home near Apache and Sheridan where they found the trailer. Officers said Jimmy Jenkins, Katy Houser, and Jerry Alexander are the ones responsible for the theft. 

Police say they were able to recover some of the stolen property.

"I didn't like it, I was mad. Pretty upset," Calvin said. 

Police recovered Calvin's backup ATV, but Calvin says he wants his favorite racing four-wheeler back. 

"It's the one I feel comfortable on. It feels better to me and I ride it better."

Mike said he will continue to search the streets of Tulsa to find the missing four-wheeler.

"It's not fair for a grown-up to take advantage of a child," said Mike.

The family says they're grateful for the support they've gotten so far from the community and hope the stolen ATV is found soon. 

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