New Radio Show To Highlight Stories Important To Black Oklahomans

Wednesday, February 19th 2020, 6:26 pm
By: News On 6

 A show called "FOCUS: Black Oklahoma" hits the airwaves on Thursday and focuses on topics affecting black Oklahomans.

The show is making history as the first show to feature blacks in Oklahoma. It's headed by Executive Producer Quraysh Ali Lansana.

"We call it making the news black. It's citizen journalism but it is serious journalism about issues that are important to black Oklahoma’s, that we feel are important to black Oklahomans, that often go uncovered,” Lansana explained.

Lansana held a news conference with the shows' co-hosts Arielle Davis and Kolby Webster. They say they aim to fill the gaps of mainstream media.

“We wanted to portray with this show that there isn't one way to be black, I feel like, with mainstream media, we see a lot of the black pain, and not enough of the black joy," says Davis.

The show will be recorded at the Public Radio of Tulsa studios on the University of Tulsa campus. Lansana says the upcoming 100th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre was the motivation for the program.

“The spirit of and the entrepreneurship of Black Wall Street is an important part of what we do and what we continue to do,” says Lansana.

“Focus: Black Oklahoma” features topics from news and politics to arts and culture. There will also be special segments called "Youth Voice." Producers also plan to have regular series on Black Wall Street History in 2021.

Lansana hopes the show not only informs but inspires. The show will air Thursday at noon on Tulsa Public Radio 89.5. Producers tell News on 6 their goal is for the show to broadcast statewide after a year.

","published":"2020-02-20T00:26:22.000Z","updated":"2020-02-20T00:26:22.000Z","summary":" A show called \"FOCUS: Black Oklahoma\" hits the airwaves on Thursday and focuses on topics affecting black Oklahomans.