Buyer’s Guide: How to Replace Nutribullet Parts

Thursday, March 14th 2019, 4:34 pm
By: News On 6

Want to be prepared in case something does go wrong with your Nutribullet? Read on for tips on choosing, buying, and replacing your Nutribullet parts.

If you have a Nutribullet, you’ve probably become used to the easy-to-use method of making the best smoothies and juices on the planet. So when your Nutribullet breaks, it can be scary and you’ll need to replace the Nutribullet parts.

A blender, even one as easy to use as the Nutribullet, is a complex piece of machinery. If something goes wrong with one part of it, the whole thing can stop working.

Luckily, that complexity means it’s also easy to fix. Most Nutribullet problems are the results of one or two broken parts. Because of this, getting new Nutribullet parts can fix most of your blender woes.

So, the good news is: you won’t need to buy a new Nutribullet. But that relief brings its own set of challenges. How do you get new parts without overpaying? And how do you put the parts in?

Here’s our guide to buying replacement parts and fixing it yourself.

Nutribullet Parts

The Nutribullet is relatively simple, but there are still a few different parts to consider when looking for parts.

If you’re experiencing a problem with your Nutribullet, you should take a look at each part to see where the problem is coming from.

Extractor Blade

The extractor blade is the core of the Nutribullet.

It comes with a very specific design geared towards the “extraction” process of the Nutribullet. If you’ve ever used a Nutribullet, you know that the results of the process are unique, giving you a hybrid that’s somewhere between a blended smoothie and a fresh-squeezed juice.

This powerful process has made the process beloved by health nuts and home chefs alike, allowing them to make everything from a kale smoothie to gazpacho.

If this breaks, you just won’t be able to make the things you got your Nutribullet for. So pay special attention to this one.

NutriBullet recommends replacing the extractor blade every six months.


The blade of your Nutribullet doesn’t move by itself. For that, you’ll need a good base gear.

Your Nutribullet’s base gear is the MVP of your Nutribullet parts. If this is broken, it’s best to buy a replacement for the individual part instead of replacing the entire base.


The cup is pretty self-explanatory. It’s the part of your NutriBullet that holds your drink or soup.

Unlike with the other two parts of your NutriBullet, if your cup is broken it should be pretty obvious. If your smoothies are leaking everywhere, look around for cracks or insecurities in the cup of your Nutribullet.

Your Warranty

If you’re looking to buy NutriBullet parts, there are a few things to consider.

The first is whether or not you have a warranty. When you buy a Nutribullet, it automatically comes with a one year warranty that can be extended to a four-year warranty with an additional purchase.

However, the Nutribullet warranty only covers what Nutribullet refers to as “defects in materials or workmanship,” meaning there are some caveats. If your Nutribullet breaks due to your own irresponsible use of it, for instance, your warranty won’t cover it.

Similarly, if you try to “mod” your NutriBullet by adding new Nutribullet parts, any defects will not be covered by your warranty.

Still, we absolutely recommend that Nutribullet owners buy a warranty when they get their Nutribullet. While you probably won’t need it, it can’t hurt to register for one.

If your warranty has expired, the next step is finding replacement Nutribullet parts at an affordable price.

Looking for Parts

When you look for Nutribullet parts, you should try to find the most affordable and highest quality options. That means checking on major e-commerce websites and browsing around.

As an aside, we’re a blending blog and not a sales site. The bad news is, that means you can’t get your replacement parts here.

The good news is: that means you can trust our assessments of where to look for replacement Nutribullet parts.

We would advise avoiding buying the cheapest replacement products you can. That doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a solid gold extraction blade to make your smoothie in a bejeweled chalice, but the cheapest product is the cheapest for a reason.

Instead, you should buy well-received products. That makes websites like Amazon useful for buying replacement parts. Because you can see average ratings, you can choose to only buy parts rated four stars and above.

Another option is looking for parts on websites specifically geared towards providing Nutribullet parts and parts for other blenders. Websites like Blender Parts USA offer parts for a variety of blender parts and are frequented by blending enthusiasts like the readers of this site.

Of course, you can also go to the source for a number of replacement parts. Nutribullet sells its own replacement parts in the Accessories section of their website.

Repairing Your Nutribullet

After you buy your Nutribullet parts, you need to repair your blender.

This may seem relatively easy, but doing it the wrong way can result in more damage. And that means spending more money. At a point, it could even mean having to buy a new Nutribullet.

To replace the parts of your Nutribullet, you’ll need a Phillips screw driver, a regular screw driver, and a wrench. A cloth will also be helpful.

Before you begin, make sure your Nutribullet is not plugged in.

After that, it simply becomes a matter of unscrewing the old screws and putting new ones in.

The most difficult part of the process is the removal of screws: check out this great youtube guide for more info.


Whether you’re replacing parts for your Nutribullet or looking to get your first blender, we offer some of the best guides for consumers on the market.

After you’ve gotten new parts and replaced the old ones in your blender, the next step is using your newly fixed blender to make some awesome and healthy drinks.

Check out our easy and healthy recipes if you’re looking for something before a run. If you’re feeling like something a bit on the decadent side, then instead of those recipes you should make a milkshake.

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