Innovative Pet Products: Top 7 Most Popular Dog Products of 2019

Saturday, November 2nd 2019, 4:35 am
By: News On 6

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Dogs are man’s best friend. That statement has perhaps never been truer than in recent years, where dog memes and new dog slang rule the internet.

It seems you can’t go anywhere with your dog without someone calling them a “pupper,” which is one of the slang terms we mentioned above.

And we’re not complaining. A world with more dog-loving people is a world we want to live in. And when it comes to the commercial sector, brands are producing more innovative pet products than ever before.

Need a new shopping list? We’ve laid out our seven favorites, below.

1. Humunga Fetch Toys

Have you ever seen those child pacifiers that are in the shape of lips or funny-looking teeth? It makes the baby looks like that’s part of their face.

Now, what if you took that concept and applied it to dogs? That’s precisely what these Humunga balls do, in five different forms.

They have a mustache, a long tongue, bling teeth, a shiny smile, and a pair of kissy lips all attached to a ball.

If you don’t understand the how of it, you can think of it almost exactly like a pacifier, but instead of something to suck on, it’s a ball they can use to fetch and chew on.

Reviewers do note that if you have a super-chewer, these toys don’t last that long. But with ultra-chewer dogs, that’s true of everything!

Make sure you have number two on this list as well if you order this product, you’ll want to get some proof!

2. The Selfie Ball

Getting your dog to look at the camera is a losing battle. You think you’ve got their attention and then (to quote the movie “UP”), “Squirrel!”. Too many of us have phone galleries full of our dog’s body, but their blurry face as they move their heads to look at something.

And before this invention came to be, that was just how things were – but no longer!

Now all you need is a unique dog-friendly selfie gadget or a plain old tennis ball.

For the DIY version, take a new tennis ball and cut about an inch and a half slit in it. Then, slide the corner of your phone (be sure not to cover your camera) into the slot in the ball.

Ball?! That’s something your dog can pay attention to. Now you have the perfect way to get doggy eye-contact in your photos, and it probably didn’t cost you anything, assuming you have a tennis ball on hand.

Pair this hack with the first product and run to the drugstore, you’re going to want these photos printed!

3. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

Dogs are social creatures. If you have one, you’ve probably noticed that when you’re trying to go to the bathroom or take a shower alone, your dog ends up following you. And sometimes, that’s annoying, no matter how much you love them.

Enter the Wobble Wag Giggle Ball, for all size dogs. It’s a safe-plastic ball that makes a “giggle” sound that’s designed to excite dogs and keep them playing with it.

There are no batteries. The ball makes this subtle but dog-exciting noise on its own.

The manufacturers have thought of everything. Instead of just leaving the ball shape un-changed, they added in what they call “clutch pockets,” which allow your dog to bite and carry the ball comfortably, no matter the size of their jaw.

And while yes, the noise can be annoying if it’s right next to your ear, it’s a great toy to leave your dog home alone or leave with them in another room.

Just like any toy, be sure to play with them with the toy first, so they understand how it works. And since it’s a ball – they’ll catch on, quickly.

Alternatively, kids love it too. Just don’t let them put it in their mouth after the dog has, for sanitary reasons – or encourage the two to play with the ball together.

That way, you’re getting out their energy along with your pups: two birds, one sleepy stone.

4. Pill Pocket

If you have a dog that needs to take medication, you know the struggle of holding their mouth open, then massaging their throat, so they swallow it.

It usually involves a few different tries, a grumpy dog, and you getting your hand slobbery.

You could try to hide it in their food, but then they’d eat around it. And if you decide to crush it up and mix it in? Forget it.

That was our life as pet owners before someone created pill pockets.

If you don’t know about this magical invention, they’re like treats, in the form of, well, a pocket.

They have a cylindrical shape, but the middle is missing. You tuck the pill into the pill pocket cavity and squish over the top (if there’s room). Then you ask your dog if they want a treat, and you administer their medication with no muss and no fuss.

Easy as that. The only problem is keeping enough pill pockets in the house because believe us – you don’t want to run out of them.

You can get them in a range of flavors from different brands, from things like chicken and beef to sweeter tastes, like peanut butter.

And if you have a dog who needs medication often or is old is sickly, these are soft enough for them to manage too! They’re a vets (or a medication dispensing owners) best friend.

5. The Original Kong

The brand, Kong, wasn’t the first one to come up with giving a dog cheese or peanut butter to keep them busy. People have been doing that for tens, if not hundreds, of years.

But they were the geniuses that created a specially shaped dog toy, meant to make it harder for the dog to get the delicious treat. Not in a mean way, but in a keep-them-engaged way.

If you’ve never seen one, a kong is a beehive-shaped piece of red rubber, with a hollow middle, hole in the top, and closed bottom. To use it, you simply spray, spoon, or stuff a dog-friendly filling into the toy, trying to get it as near the bottom of the hole as you can.

Then you hand it off to your dog, who will carry it off to do some tongue gymnastics to get it out while getting a treat at the same time.

Kong makes dog-friendly spray-cheese type treats for easy dispensing, but any dog-friendly treat that fits in the hole (and is relatively sticky) works well.

You can find Kongs in all different shapes and sizes now, as they’ve come out with more variety since they first launched.

6. Slow Feeder Bowls

What dog doesn’t love feeding time? Other than playing fetch and getting head scratches, it’s pretty much the highlight of their day.

But what do you do when your dog eats so fast (out of excitement) that they throw up, get indigestion, or have other side effects of scarfing down an entire meal in three seconds?

You get a slow feeder bowl. These are contraptions that essentially look like something you’d run a mouse through in a laboratory trial. They’re wide, shallow dishes with raised plastic shapes, either (round tipped) spikes or a maze pattern.

The idea is that it takes the dog longer to get each piece of kibble, so they have to slow down while they’re eating. They’re not perfect, though, as you can see, this dog figured out a way around this tricky human invention.

But if you have an overly-fast eater, they’re cheap and worth a try. We think your Innovet would agree.

7. Dog CBD

Now – using CBD for pets is a relatively new thing, and there need to be more clinic studies on it. Let’s get that disclaimer out of the way up front.

But, if your dog has advanced health issues or is nearing the end of their life, many owners find that CBD can lessen their symptoms and raise their quality of life.

The choice to give your dog CBD should be talked over with your vet. Some vets are CBD friendly, and some aren’t, and if you’re determined to try it, find a vet who is.

While CBD products have dosing suggestions on the bottle, you need to talk to your vet first. Start slow and small, and keep in mind that it might take an hour or two to see any change in behavior.

Innovative Pet Products

You love your dog, and you likely have a drawer full of things for them, whether it’s their medications, foods, or toys you’ve tried, but they didn’t like.

With this guide, you have a better idea of what kind of innovative pet products your dog will like, before (and not after) you swipe your card.

Browse our site for the products above and more things all your pets (not just dogs) will love!

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