Your Comprehensive AR 15 Parts List

Tuesday, March 10th 2020, 1:31 am
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AR 15 Parts

Many people think that AR, in gun terms, means assault or automatic rifle. This is not what it stands for, however.

The AR 15 rifle stands for ArmaLite rifle. It has been around since the 1950s and was created by the ArmaLite Corporation.

If you collect, build, or practice shoot with AR 15 rifles, you must know all of its’ parts.

Continue reading to discover all of the items you need on this AR 15 parts list!

1. Trigger

One of the most important things on the lower AR 15 parts list is the trigger.

More than 8 million AR 15s, and guns alike, are in circulation in the United States. Depending on the trigger that you choose, you can customize yours so that it is unique from the rest.

Triggers are important and must be bought with consideration. They will impact your accuracy, making it worth the money to spend extra. Try testing out a trigger before you buy it, if possible. This will give you a better idea of how it will affect your shot.

2. Stock

Perhaps the most customizable piece of the lower portion of your gun will be the stock.

Depending on your preferences and purpose of the rifle, you can select whatever stock you want. There are many standard options that you can get to start with and change as you go on.

The stock is connected to the barrel and firing mechanism. It helps transmit the shock of the weapon when you fire. Getting the right stock is important if you don’t want a bruised shoulder.

Check your local laws to make sure that you get an acceptable stock size.

3. Stripped Lower

When getting your pieces for your AR 15 you may notice that there aren’t many variations for your stripped lower piece.

Since most models are alike, you can find this part in most stores. Most people buy theirs based on their favorite brands for gun parts. This is a major component of your gun and a piece that you will see every time you pull the gun out.

Take your time to find the right one for you.

4. Lower Parts Kit

Many stores will have a lower parts kit available to purchase for your AR 15.

The lower parts kit includes the springs, pins, and detents that will be used to assemble the lower part of your gun. Depending on the pack that you purchase, it may come with other hardware too.

Some lower parts kits include a trigger. You can use this, or buy a separate trigger if you want more customization. The triggers included in these kits are often basic Mil-Spec style and don’t last as long.

5. Buffer Kit

Have you ever wondered what controls the recoil of your rifle?

The buffer kit is in control of this and it also allows the rifles to cycle. Depending on the weight of your buffer, you can reduce the recoil. Most competitive shooters have light buffers on their guns to reduce recoil and quickly recover.

A heavier buffer is recommended if you don’t have an adjustable gas block. This will help reduce felt recoil and improve your accuracy.

6. Pistol Grip

The pistol grip is another important aspect in the bottom half of the gun.

It functions as magazine housing, bipod, and tool storage. You will have to check your state laws to determine what options are available to you. Some states, like New York, have banned pistol grips because of how much control they offer.

The pistol grip must be one you feel comfortable with. It gives you control of your weapon and will help prevent you from losing your grip.

7. Assembled Upper

The assembled upper is the first upper piece on this list. It includes the forward assist and your dust//ejection port cover.

A completely assembled upper piece will also include the barrel, handguard, and more! The fully assembled piece is recommended if you only want the basic parts and aren’t going to customize the gun.

Some people try to build their upper. Although it may look difficult, it can easily be done. If you plan to work on yours, you may want to get a headspace gauge that will ensure your safety. Stripped uppers are needed if you want to build it yourself for full customization.

8. Forward Assist

Another upper part of the gun is the forward assist.

There aren’t many situations that would ever arise where you should need this part of the gun. The purpose of this part is to help get rounds seated if the gun is too dirty. As long as you maintain and clean your gun, you should have to use this part and don’t need to get an expensive option.

Depending on your comfort, you can use it or leave it off of your rifle. Some people keep the forward assist because they are just used to it and would rather have it in case of emergencies. If you want to lighten up your gun and don’t need it, however, keep it to the side.

9. Barrel

Besides your trigger, the barrel is the next most important part that will affect your accuracy and performance.

When you are shopping for your barrel you will have to consider the length, twist, and materials you want it to be. You can get steel and carbon fiber barrels depending on how much money you want to spend.

Barrels help decrease the flatter while shooting and they increase your range. Check out Kaw Valley Precision for some of the best barrel products on the market!

10. Dust Cover

Your dust cover is one of the most customizable pieces you can get for your AR 15.

This part is also called an ejection port cover and it simply goes over the port to keep dirt and dust out. When dust gets inside the ejection port, it can impact your shot.

Don’t be afraid to show your personality with a unique design that will make your gun stand out. Some people use their dust cover to create a theme for their guns!

11. Handguard

Depending on the purpose of your gun, the handguard for your rifle will change.

There are many handguards on the market that you can get to match the style of your gun. You can pick out your favorite choice depending on your preferences. If you want a lighter gun, try getting a handguard without rails and extra pieces.

The military often has handguards with flashlights connected so that they can view their range of the shot. Think about what you will be using this gun for. If you need to defend yourself, a protective handguard is recommended.

12. Gas Tube and Block

The gas tube is needed because it transports the gas down your barrel.

When getting a gas tube, you can typically go with your favorite and most trusted brands. You don’t need to spend too much on this part, but make sure it is of good quality.

Most people get a standard gas block for their guns if they aren’t shooting competitively. Try getting an option that matches your needs for the gun. Once you find the right piece, you will have less recoil.

13. Charging Handle

This part of your gun will chamber a round in your gun.

Most people get basic models unless you want a nicer option. Left-handed shooters may want to get an ambidextrous handle for their gun for optimal comfort.

14. Bolt Carrier Group

The bolt carrier group is the portion of the gun that controls the firing and extraction of your bullets.

For less recoil, you will want to get a lighter bolt carrier group. This will also give you less muzzle movement and your shot can be more accurate during rapid fire.

You will want to get yours from a reliable brand of high quality. Depending on what feels best, you can get different coatings on this part to enhance your shot.

Discover Everything You Need With This AR 15 Parts List

There are many variations to AR 15 rifles, but they are all typically made of the same parts.

Utilizing this AR 15 parts list can help you learn more about the gun. Collectors, shooters, and assemblers should know what components make up the upper and lower parts of the rifle. You should also be aware of the functions of each component as well.

The trigger, stock, and pistol grip are a few main components of the upper part of the gun. While working on the bottom half, you will work with the handguard, barrel, and forward assist pieces.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about gun parts so that you can safely use them and practice shoot!

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