Studying Languages: 7 Key Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Thursday, January 16th 2020, 3:07 am
By: News On 6

Second Language

Ever wonder why they call the earth a global village? It could be because almost everyone speaks the same language. Whether it’s through sports, music, dance, or other forms of entertainment — it’s intriguing how people can all dance to the same tune.

But aside from all this, you might be one of those people who love traveling, looking to switch countries, change careers, or often meet new people from different cultures. You wouldn’t want to waste the chance to bond, connect, and make conversation with them, would you?

However, this won’t happen if you can barely make out two words. Suddenly, you realize that learning a second language isn’t such a bad idea.

Still skeptical about why you need to learn a new language? Learning a second language does more than just boost brainpower. Read on to understand some of the benefits of studying languages.

1. Become a Better Communicator

When you only speak your mother tongue, you rarely pay attention to the tidbits of a conversation. When learning a new language, it becomes apparent that you need to listen more.

To respond the right way, you must also take a moment to understand and decipher what the other party is trying to communicate. After that, you figure out an appropriate response.

See what you just did there? You just learned the basic rules of communication. As a learner, you’ll have to apply these simple rules to hear and to be heard. In the long run, you end up becoming a better communicator, irrespective of which language you’re speaking.

2. Train and Strengthen Your Brain

Research shows that learning different languages has the power to strengthen the brain, which can help enhance academic performance. Look around, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you encounter someone who speaks various foreign languages? I bet smart and learned are top among the labels you gather, right off the bat!

If you learn a second language, you will enjoy improved focus, better memory, you can efficiently multitask and quickly solve problems. Owing to how developed your brain becomes trying to expand and make room for new linguistic information, you soon become more creative and flexible in your way of thinking. It also doesn’t take you long to complete difficult tasks or recognize people, things, or places.

3. Studying Languages Can Better Your Chances at Career Advancement

What most employers won’t tell you is that they’d prefer someone who is multilingual over someone who only speaks one language. Therefore, it makes sense if you want to gain the upper hand over others in your quest to climb up the career ladder, studying languages is inevitable.

It doesn’t matter your skill level, whether you’re in the corporate sector, or the informal sector, you set yourself up on a pedestal when you speak more than one language. Employers see this as a chance for you to put them in good light whenever you, as their staff, are dealing with foreign clients or visitors.

Want your salary increased? Want your application for a new higher position approved? If yes, then better your chances by learning a new language.

4. Open up Your Mind Into Diverse Cultures

A significant factor in language construction or formation is culture. For instance, to learn French, you must understand the French culture.

When you learn a different language, you become more aware of how their native culture is different from yours. You can better understand why the people there behave, dress, cook, move, or generally live a certain way.

You end up cultivating respect for others. This, in turn, helps encourage oneness, acceptance, and appreciation for people from other walks of life. Consider taking French vocabulary courses from Lingvist to learn more about French culture.

5. Build Confidence

Are you that shy person who enjoys being inconspicuous in the midst of people? You’ve probably tried a bunch of ways to help boost your confidence and get others to see you more. One sure way of getting the attention you deserve is by learning a new language.

How? Learning a new tongue forces you to get used to being uncomfortable. In a language class, you may make mistakes when speaking out loud, but no one laughs at you. It becomes a safe place for you to allow yourself to be vulnerable in your learning process.

Soon, you’ll be the one correcting others when they make the same mistakes. You’ll quickly run to the aid of a foreigner who seems stranded and unable to communicate to anyone nearby. Learn a second language and see your confidence levels hit the roof.

6. Become an Excellent Decision Maker

If you have a hard time choosing what to wear, where to go shopping, or who to be friends with, then your all-time solution could lie in learning new languages. In a day, countless scenarios require you to make a decision.

What a new language will teach you is to refrain from making bad choices and to decide wisely instead. A new language prompts you to focus on the ‘why.’ This means that there will be a solid reason for every action you take.

No more making haphazard moves! With a clear mind and a systematic process, learning a new language makes you a good decision-maker.

7. Gain Networking Skills

Exploring a new language familiarizes you to the people, the culture and traditions of the speakers. For instance, if you’re learning Spanish as a second language, it will instantly grab your attention if you hear someone else speak Spanish. Your appreciation and knowledge of the language will, more often than not, prompt you to talk to the other person.

Even if it’s only to say hello, this could lead to a conversation and possibly open doors where you could meet other Spanish speaking people.

Learning a new language allows you to cultivate more respect for other people’s opinions. You see the world using a new set of eyes. Irrespective of your setting, you will find that you can effortlessly express yourself and communicate with others and ultimately network.

What’s Stopping You From Enrolling to a New Language Class?

Misplaced myths and misconceptions are to blame for not wanting to learn a new language. However, if the benefits of learning a new language highlighted above are anything to go by, you agree that we all stand to gain from it.

When it comes to studying languages, it’s never too late. Multilingualism is said to be the best vehicle towards eliminating global poverty and inequality. Make your small contribution towards a better world by enrolling and starting your language study today. Check out our blog posts for more educative and inspiring content.

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