Driver Beware: 9 States With the Most Car Crashes on Record

Monday, February 24th 2020, 2:53 pm
By: News On 6

Car Crashes

More than 6 million car crashes occur each year in the United States.

Although some crashes can be fatal, the majority of them are not. It can be difficult, however, to get back behind the wheel in certain areas.

Knowing what states and areas attract the most crashes can help you be more cautious and aware.

Continue reading to discover which states have the most car crashes, so that you know where to avoid!

1. Maryland

If you are planning to visit Maryland anytime soon, you will need to prepare yourself for the roads.

Maryland had 511 fatalities in 2019 from car crashes. The average person in Maryland drives more than other people. They have a longer commute and because they are on the roads so much, they are more likely to crash.

Another reason Maryland may see more car crashes each year could be that the snow brings dangerous driving conditions.

2. South Carolina

If you are heading down south, you may want to buckle up and prepare yourself for South Carolina.

Nearly 1,000 deaths occurred in 2019 from car crashes in this state. This state is filled with some of the worst driving speeders and it can be difficult to navigate around them. When drivers make fast moves in heavy traffic, collisions occur and are typically more severe.

Driving in South Carolina is an experience, especially with how beautiful the state is. If you get into a collision, you will want to get an accident attorney to help out.

3. Massachusetts

Anyone that works in Boston or has visited knows to leave with plenty of extra time, otherwise, you will be late to your destination.

Traffic jams frequently cause accidents in Massachusetts. When traffic is heavy, people continue to drive aggressively and don’t leave enough space between cars. More than 300 deaths occurred last year in Massachusetts because of car accidents.

One of the most concerning parts about Massachusetts being on this list is that they are also highly rated for not wearing seatbelts. Buckle up, Massachusetts!

4. New Hampshire

You don’t have to be too overwhelmed driving in New Hampshire, but accidents are common in this state.

This state is full of beautiful landscapes that can make driving conditions difficult to navigate through. Snowy areas, mountains, and valleys offer no safe space for driving. You should be prepared for accidents around every corner because that’s often where they occur.

Don’t be too afraid to drive around New Hampshire, however, the state is beautiful and will be something you never forget.

5. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is another east coast state with a bad driving reputation.

Although this state doesn’t see as many accidents as Massachusetts and Maryland, it is still a risky area. Rhode Island has a clean history of few DUIs and license suspensions. With safer drivers out on the road, it may come as a surprise to see them on the list.

Unfortunately, drivers in Rhode Island have a history of getting into accidents. This can be observed by looking at the amount of money Rhode Island puts toward vehicle repairs and insurance companies.

6. Hawaii

It’s hard to believe that Hawaii is on the list, especially since they have very limited roads on the islands.

Unfortunately, because there are limited space and many tourists, collisions are bound to occur. This state is packed with everything that can fit and people are frequently traveling between businesses. Tourists that don’t know the local roads tend to create backups and accidents in the most popular areas.

7. Maine

It’s no surprise that Maine is on the list for having the most car crashes.

This state is frozen for the majority of the year and car accidents are bound to occur. Although Maine does not have many people on the roads, they still see a lot of fender benders during rush hour times.

History has shown that accidents in Maine are likely to be self-causing or occur from reckless behavior. Low-harm collisions aren’t as frequent in this state.

8. Connecticut

With fewer public transportation options, people are forced to drive or carpool to work in Connecticut.

This state has a history of car accidents. With the beautiful scenes in nature all around you, it’s no wonder people collide with each other. You should be extra cautious driving through large cities in Connecticut.

People that live in this area have a habit of driving at faster speeds because they are on the road so much.

9. Utah

The western states are another area known for having many car accidents.

Utah’s accidents lead to hundreds of deaths each year. Although most people use their seat belt in this state, it doesn’t prevent accidents from happening.

Utah is known for having few speeders and people with DUIs but they still manage to hit each other. Most of the accidents happening in this state, however, are just rear-ending others.

Don’t Take Part in These Car Crashes

Car crashes only seem to happen when you least expect them and are unprepared.

Learning about the states that have the most crashes can help you avoid risky areas and you can remain in your comfort zone.

The upper east coast seems to be one of the most dangerous areas for driving in the country. These areas are filled with difficult landscapes that include sharp turns, mountains, and valleys.

Between all of the beautiful landscape sits the busy cities that draw in everyone around. With congested roads and high speeds, accidents are a frequent occurrence.

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