‘We Need To Go Back To Work’: Gundy Sets May 1 Target Date for Return

Tuesday, April 7th 2020, 1:37 pm
By: Brian Mueller

Mike Gundy has set an ambitious timetable to get employees back to work for the OSU football team. Gundy said on a teleconference Tuesday morning that he wants to see employees getting tested for COVID-19 to be cleared for work on May 1, with players following later.

Gundy acknowledged that the timetable could change depending on the efficiency of testing in three to four weeks, but he'd like to see people back to work, as long as it's safe.

"We can swab them and clear them to come into the building and get back to work," Gundy said. "Once we've done that, I'm looking to start testing the players and bring them back. We have to have a plan, and the plan right now is for that to start on May 1st. It might get backed up 2 weeks, I don't know, I can't make that call. Is it 100%? No, it's not 100%. There could be people that work in this building that maybe are older, maybe have some type of underlying health condition, maybe they don't come back. But the majority of the people in this building who are healthy, we need to go back to work."

Gundy also said his staff hasn't been limited too much with the ability to video conference. 

He expects the college football season to start on time.