Oklahoma Nurses Assisting In New York City Hope To Return Soon

Thursday, April 30th 2020, 9:01 pm
By: Chinh Doan

Health care workers from Green Country are on the front lines in our country's COVID-19 epicenter.

They know there are risks but also said it's their calling.

From nurses to patient care technicians, they told News On 6 the eye-opening experience in New York will impact them personally and professionally for the rest of their lives.

Beth Davis, a nurse from Owasso, said she is caring for COVID-19 patients in Harlem.

"It's surreal to not know if your patient is going to be there when you come into work the next day," said Beth Davis.

She shared some of her favorite moments so far that give her hope, such as staff celebrating a patient getting off a ventilator. 

It's also been eye opening for Beth's son, Colby Davis.

The 19-year-old certified nurse aide said he is working at a hospital in the Bronx.

"I think it will improve a lot of my skills and everything, help me go, venture out there," said Colby Davis.

The mother and son said work can take a toll mentally and physically, so it's helpful to see familiar faces.

"My friend Cindy from Tulsa, she's also here,” said Beth Davis. “We've all kind of leaned on each other."

More and more people from Green Country are sharing their skills in New York.

Tatum Chambers, from Catoosa, arrived this week.

"I just want to be able to save one life,” said Chambers. “Like obviously, if I save more and make a difference in more than one life, then, that's my goal."

The patient care technician said this next month will be challenging without her loved ones, but there is great support at home and in New York.

"I just felt a calling, like God was telling me to come here,” said Chambers. “I had a purpose to be here."

Those who interviewed for this story said they got their work assignments through a placement agency.

Once they're back home in Green Country, they all plan to self-quarantine in RVs. She said it may be June before staff are ready to have customers dine in again.