Homeless Outreach Programs Working To Provide During COVID-19

Monday, May 4th 2020, 4:43 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

Tulsa, Oklahoma -

Homeless outreach programs are working to get supplies to camps around Tulsa for those not living in a shelter.

They're bringing essential supplies to camps by the levee so the homeless don't have to leave their camps and can avoid interacting with the public because of COVID-19.

Leanne Graham and her husband are homeless and like most Tulsans right now, she said she and her husband are avoiding unnecessary interaction with people. "Salvation Army we can go there for lunch but we have to wear masks. They have 50 beds and that's it. So everybody else is just down by the levee," said Graham.

Jessica Kelly is the Coordinator for homeless outreach and rapid response and she said before the virus, their program was working with homeless every day in Tulsa. Now, their services have dropped to twice a week. "People who are experiencing homelessness also need to stay in place in their encampments," said Kelly.

Graham said she's thankful to get the supplies from the outreach programs so she can stay in place and avoid getting exposed. "We choose who we're around out here. We try to keep it to ten like everyone says. But when you go out there, there are so many more people who can be exposed," said Graham.

Kelly said they are always in need of essential food donations they can bring to the homeless. She said they are also in need of donations of bug spray. If you want to make donations directly to the Denver House, you can do so from 9 am until 1 pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you're wanting to make donations online, CLICK HERE