2 American Citizens Arrested In Venezuela

Tuesday, May 5th 2020, 8:27 am
By: Rachel Roberts

Venezuelan authorities say they have two American citizens in custody Friday morning following a beach raid allegedly aimed at capturing President Nicolas Maduro.

Venezuelan authorities say 10 people, including two U.S. citizens, are in custody following what authorities there are calling a U.S. backed plot.

In a speech Monday night, President Nicolas Maduro called the raid an ongoing terrorist attack on his country.

The operation allegedly involved more than 20 men, most of them from the Venezuelan military.

The two U.S. citizens arrested have been identified as Luke Derman and Airan Berry, who are both former Green Berets.

U.S. officials have indicted Maduro on narco-terrorism charges and have offered a $15 million bounty for information leading to his capture or conviction, but so far officials have not commented on the arrests.