Oklahoma Summer Camp Makes Adjustments For COVID-19 Pandemic

Tuesday, May 5th 2020, 9:57 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

Camp Loughridge in Tulsa still hopes to serve campers this summer, but they said a lot will look different amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It's quiet and peaceful at Camp Loughridge, hidden just miles from Tulsa Hills.

Canoes are stacked up, courts are empty, and executive director Jacob McIntosh said it's strange to not feel as busy this time of year compared to previous years. 

"We were worried about whether we would be able to have camp," he said. 

McIntosh said they've seen a decrease in enrollment at the Tulsa day camp, which runs seven sessions that are a weeklong, as parents struggle with what to do with their kids amid COVID-19.

"This summer when we do open, we'll do things differently," he said.

That means enhanced cleaning of all their equipment, keeping kids in one group, and not mixing groups, and spacing out seating during meals.

"To make sure we do everything we can to keep kids and family safe," McIntosh said. 

Other camps, such as all City of Tulsa day camps have been cancelled, and some have opted to close to be safe.

Another option for camp is with babysitter connection service Seeking Sitters.

Founder Adrienne Kallweit said they're offering a week-long "at home camp" that pairs kids up virtually with groups to compete in camp events and activities, all from home.

"Sitters can bring crafts, activities, a daily schedule, challenges with each camper," Kallweit said.

Back at Camp Loughridge, McIntosh said they could delay camp if the situation worsens, but he's hopeful.

"We'll decide end of next week at what summer will look like," said McIntosh.

If all goes according to plan, the camp will open on June 1. 

More information on Camp Loughridge can be found here.