'Shero' Identified After Helping Push Stranger's Car Out Of Tulsa Floodwaters

Wednesday, May 6th 2020, 6:47 am
By: Tess Maune


A selfless act took live TV and social media by storm when a “mystery woman” pushed a stranger's car out floodwaters near 41st Street and Sheridan.

The scene played out live during News On 6's severe weather coverage last week as thousands of people at home watched and cheered on the woman.

Thanks to our News On 6 viewers, we now know she’s a woman from Colorado, named after a tough TV character her mom liked.

“She used to watch Battlestar Galactica and there was a starfighter on there named Sheba,” said Sheba Giddens.

Last Tuesday, Sheba Giddens fought heavy rain and flash flooding in Tulsa while visiting a cousin.

“It was starting to get really bad, my windshield wipers weren't working, and I couldn't barely see,” said Sheba. “I had the window down and the sunhat on, so it would protect my eyes from the rain and everything because the windows were fogging up really, really bad.”

Before she knew it, her van had stalled in the high water. She managed to get it into a parking lot, then she noticed a flooded car with an elderly couple stranded inside. 

“Nobody else was helping them, so I went and helped them,” Sheba said. “It was a little on the crazy side.”

She waded through the water throwing traffic cones and pulling off her sandals before pushing the car uphill, and barefoot, all by herself, as Chief Meteorologist Travis Meyer reacted.          

“Wow. Not gonna mess with her, she’s strong,” said Travis during the severe weather coverage.

The response made Sheba smile.              

“It was funny. I liked it; it was funny,” she said.

But she wasn't laughing as cars splashed by while she struggled to get the couple to safety. Then, a Jeep stopped and Madyson and Scottlynn Silva jumped out. 

“I'm glad the other two girls came in and helped when they did because I was at a point at that point where I couldn't go too much further,” said Sheba.              

She used to work for her family's roadside assistance service, so she's done this kind of thing before. 

“I help people all the time, this time it just kind of got noticed,” Sheba said laughing.              

Some have called her a shero – Sheba the Shero. 

“I know, it's kind of funny because it matches my name,” she said. “It's cool to be a hero, I'd always wanted to be a hero.” 

There’s even a meme in her honor, “If you wonder why Chuck Norris doesn’t fight girls, ask his sister in Oklahoma.” 

“I was kind of glad I got the meme because people don't believe me sometimes when I tell them stories,” said Sheba.

And even though she's not from the state, most will agree, her selflessness showcases what we all know as the Oklahoma Standard.

“I was like, 'they're probably expecting somebody from Oklahoma,’ but ya know, I was tough in Oklahoma.