Goodwill Opens, Implements CDC Guidelines Into Donation Process

Wednesday, May 6th 2020, 6:11 pm

TULSA, Okla. - Goodwill said they are offering no-contact drop-off and all donations will be placed in a holding location before they go on the shelves.

Goodwill Donations Centers are back open after being closed for several weeks.

A lot of people have been taking this time at home to spring clean and get rid of unused items around the house.

“We do a pretty good job keeping it paired down, but the five or six weeks has made us take a hard look at a lot of stuff," said Coby Denton.

Denton is just one of many people who have dropped off donations since they re-opened.

“We had a silver-plated tea set and some old hats and visors and vases," said Denton.

Goodwill Creative Services Director Tiffany King said all donations will sit in quarantine to kill any germs and viruses that may be on those items.

“We made the decision several weeks ago to quarantine all of the donated items for a minimum of five days. That’s just our best educated guess on what the CDC guidelines have issued," said King.

King also said you can wait in your car and let the attendant get your donations. She said that's another change that've made because of COVID-19.

“Or if you feel more comfortable our attendant will stay inside and you can get out of your car and place your own items into a cart and then we’ll come get them and bring them in once you leave," said King.

She said all Eastern Oklahoma donation centers are back open with normal business hours and are ready to help serve the community.

“We know tons of people have been home organizing and cleaning and they’ve just been itching to come drop off," said King.

King said Goodwill stores will be back open on Friday and they are asking customers to wear gloves and masks.