81-Year-Old Bartlesville Woman Recovers From Coronavirus

Thursday, May 7th 2020, 6:12 pm
By: Emory Bryan

An 81-year-old Bartlesville woman was discharged from a rehab center Thursday, after recovering from both a hip fracture, and Covid-19.

Virgie Formby had finished rehab after breaking her hip when she tested positive for coronavirus and had to stay.

Rachel Shearer, The Executive Director of Adams PARC, said. "That is scary and so to see a success story, and a recovery, and someone going home, that's the best day. Today is the best day."

Formby is the first COVID-19 patient at Adams PARC, to fully recover and go home. She walked out through a line of staff applauding her.

After a peak of 28 positive corona cases at once, the center is down to 16 patients, and all are recovering.

The center's director said none of the rehab patients, with Covid-19, have died.

"When the pandemic came into our community, there is no playbook for a crisis of this magnitude," said Heather Smoot, the Director of Care Transitions at Adams PARC.

Formby only had a couple of days of symptoms but is now fully recovered. She recorded a video message for the staff, thanking them for taking care of her, and saying, “now I just want to thank God that I get to go back to my home and live."