Cleaning Business Staying Busy Sanitizing Offices, Businesses Before Reopening

Friday, May 8th 2020, 9:54 am
By: Mallory Thomas


Many businesses that are re-opening want their spaces to be clean and disinfected for employees and customers, which is keeping cleaning companies busy right now.

A lot of the CDC guidelines and local health department guidelines for disinfecting surfaces are things most places already do. 

“Many industries are handling it themselves, but we’re getting a few places that either don’t have dedicated staff or they have special requirements," said Tom Culver President of Paul Davis Restoration.

Culver said they've been called out to businesses to spray and sanitize local businesses. 

“Sanitize the area with organic type sanitizers do it thoroughly--but efficiently--and that gives the other tenants comfort that they’re returning to a safe environment.” He said they're making sure to go over the high touch areas. “So those surfaces would include door knobs, coffee pot handles, sink handles, desktops, arms of chairs," said Culver.

He said it's not just office building they've been cleaning: “Churches would be one area where we can go through and preform some cleaning where they maintenance is not sufficient," said Culver. “Healthcare facilities such as cancer wards where you have immune compromised people requires extra care.”

He said they're glad to be able to help people get back to work safely.