IRS Deadline For Relief Payment By Direct Deposit Set For Wednesday

Tuesday, May 12th 2020, 9:32 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

Time is running out to get your information to the IRS so you can get your stimulus payment by direct deposit.

Stimulus checks have already gone out to millions of Americans, now the IRS is encouraging anyone still waiting to update the agency right away. 

The IRS is urging people to go look at the status of their check and put in direct deposit information ASAP to get their money faster.

Otherwise, you could have to wait for a check in the mail.

Tina Sam says she was excited when she heard about her $1,200 stimulus check, but now it's become a waiting game. 

"It's wonderful we're all getting it, hopefully," she said.

Sam, who co-owns Sap Town T's with her husband, a t-shirt printing business in Sapulpa said she has gone on the IRS website several times to check and see where her money is but says it won't let her look.

She is one of millions of people still waiting for their payment. 

"It would help us tremendously. $2,400 for us, owning this business, would help us out a lot," said Sam.

The IRS said Wednesday at 11 in the morning is the deadline for people to use the Get My Payment tool. They said it's the last chance for people to put in their direct deposit information. 

CPA Paul Hood with Hood & Associates says that's primarily for people who don't file a tax return.

But for those who do file tax returns, Hood said just be patient.

He said If they aren't able to update their information in time, people should still receive their checks by mail, but it may take longer.

"A lot of the status says they can't tell you your payment status," Hood said. "So, try to relax, don't get frustrated."

"We just have to keep hoping it all pans out," said Sam.

The IRS says later this month the number of paper checks they're sending out should sharply increase. 

Visit the Get my Payment Tool.