Oklahoma To Enter Phase 2 Of Governor's Reopening Plan Friday

Tuesday, May 12th 2020, 10:27 pm

Oklahoma is set to enter phase two of the governors reopening plan this Friday.

It allows for bars to reopen, and organized sports, weddings, and funerals to continue.

But a lot of events won't look the same when they resume.

Party Pro Rents said after two months of little business, things are slowly picking up. The owner tells me phone calls are coming in, and they're now helping guests by appointment only.

When we first talked to Party Pro Rents Owner Stephanie Layson two months ago, they had just laid off 90 percent of their staff. Layson was facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

"You know, all business wiped off the books, all the events scheduled for March and April, everyone was calling and saying, 'we need to cancel it or move it'," Layson said.

Layson said they did manage to get some business in the last two months from the government and companies who needed tents for COVID-19 testing.

Now, with Oklahoma entering phase two of re-opening this week, Layson said they're starting to see a turn-around. but it obviously won't be a typical summer and fall.

They haven't been able to rehire their staff yet, and there are changes to how they're running things here too. They're practicing social distancing and wearing masks in the showroom, and planning events accordingly.

"We're actually providing rentals for an event today and it's four people around a 60-inch round table which is half, that's 50 percent capacity," Layson said.

Layson said they're hoping next year will be a return to normal.

"I'm not projecting the business we had last year. I still think revenues for the entire year are going to be at the least 50 percent cut," Layson said.

Layson said they're doing their first wedding this Saturday after the state enters phase two of reopening.