Muskogee County Woman Sews Masks For Front-Line Workers, Loses House In Fire

Tuesday, May 12th 2020, 10:58 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, one Muskogee County woman has helped sew hundreds of masks for those on the front lines.

Now, she's finding herself in need of help after her house burned down.

"It was home, I had my whole life in it," seamstress Elizabeth Andrews, told News on 6. Andrews said she lost nearly everything in last week's fire -- but the items she misses most are her sewing machines. 

"I lost 9 machines, including a cast iron sewing machine. It’s so painful to lose things you have had for literally years and years," Andrews said with tears in her eyes.

On those machines she made hundreds of masks for first responders - a task she said she felt called to do as a former nurse herself. 

"It's a simple thing that I think is important to the people on the front lines," Andrews said. She says she made over two hundred masks -- but lost half those masks in the fire.

Andrews says despite the tears, she can’t help but smile by her community's help. Neighbors have been loaning camping gear and clothes. The Porum Dollar General gave her a gift card. 

Muskogee County leaders say they plan to also give back to Andrews who's given so much in return. "People have been absolutely wonderful, it’s harder for me to accept help than give it, it’s hard to know you need help," Andrews said. "It kind of renews your faith in mankind"

Andrews told News on 6 she hopes to get a new sewing machine so she can start making masks again. "God didn't mean for any of us to do this alone, so if it’s something I can do, it's something I should do," Andrews explained. 

A GoFundMe Page set up for Andrews to rebuild her and her fiance, Michael Taylor's home - you can find that link here.