Oklahoma Gas Prices 2nd Lowest In US, Officials Say

Tuesday, May 19th 2020, 6:56 am
By: Amy Avery


With Stay at Home orders being lifted around, more people are starting to get out on the roads and many are trying to find a place to spend their Memorial Day weekend. 

Tuesday morning, at Quik Trip, gas prices are hovering around $1.39 a gallon which is pretty average around Tulsa. But some gas stations are even charging as low at $1.29 a gallon.

AAA says Memorial Day weekend gas prices haven’t been under $2.00 since 2003.

They say many drivers are starting to get back out on the roads with Stay at Home orders being lifted, so a lot of states have seen a slight increase in gas prices.

However, experts say it's still not enough of an increase to be close to the price they were this time last year.

AAA says average prices were around one dollar more in 2019 than they are right now because of COVID-19.

AAA says Americans can expect gas prices to continue to get more expensive, possibly hitting around $2.00 a gallon in the next few weeks.

Right now, Oklahoma and Arkansas are tied for the second cheapest gas prices in the country with a state wide average of $1.52.

The only state in front of us is Mississippi with an average price of $1.51.