Low Water Pressure In Glenpool As Crews Repair Damaged Line

Sunday, January 19th 2020, 10:11 am
By: News On 6

Some residents in Glenpool woke up to low water pressure on Sunday after a leak was discovered.

City officials say that they have isolated the area that is damaged and say no customers are directly connected to that section of the waterline. Crews are working to repair the waterline but say it will take time.

The City issued the following statement to residents.

"Based on customer reports of water issues, we believe we have isolated the second area of concern in the Glenpool water system. At this point, we believe there may be an actual break in an 8-inch waterline on the west side of 75 HWY near Lambert Park. We have isolated the section of line that we believe is affected and shut it off. No customers are directly connected to that section of the line, so the system is continuing to re-pressurize and everyone should have some level of service within the next few hours. Water system pressures will not return to normal until we are able to get heavy equipment down into the creek bed and repair the suspected break, but pressures should be adequate for daily tasks. "