Tulsa's Aero Bus Had Roughly 85,000 Riders During Launch

Tuesday, January 7th 2020, 1:04 am
By: Reagan Ledbetter

After a six week free trial run, Tulsa Transit has now officially launched Aero Bus Rapid Transit and is now charging fares.

Tulsa Transit said they had roughly 85,000 people ride the new AERO BRT during the test run, which they said is more than they were expecting.

Tulsa Transit launched the new bus system in November and let riders ride the bus for free for the first six weeks. 

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The bus runs all along Peoria from 54th Street North to 81st Street South. Tulsa Transit said the main selling point for these buses is the frequency; they run every 15 minutes at peak times during the week. 

Tulsa Transit said the only negative feedback they got was lack of weather coverage at the new bus stops, but Tulsa Transit said people won't be waiting as long at stops anymore. 

Tulsa Transit also said this bus system is key to Tulsa continuing to grow. 

Ted Rieck with Tulsa Transit said "I think it is going a lot better than we expected. We do expect some excitement, but saw standing room only on some trips, and doubling the ridership; I don't think we really expected that."

Rieck said they are still planning to add a second Aero BRT route along Route 66. 

Tulsa Transit charges $1.75 to ride the new bus, which gives riders a two hour pass.