Bixby Deadly Intersection Gets New Stoplight

Friday, May 22nd 2020, 10:54 pm

BIXBY, Okla. - One of Bixby's deadliest intersections is a little safer tonight after the city installed a new stoplight.

A woman who grew up near 151st and Harvard in Bixby said three of her family members died there, and she hopes the new light will prevent other families from going through the same tragedies.

Noelle Waller grew up just a mile from 151st and Harvard in Bixby-- an intersection she says always haunted her family.

"There were so many wrecks there. We saw so many wrecks," she said.

Waller said in 1999, her great-aunt died after someone hit her vehicle at the intersection.

She said she spent years petitioning with her dad to get a stoplight put up.

But ten years later, another tragedy.

"My father and grandfather were killed there in 2009," she said.

Waller said she moved away to protect her son when he began driving.

"Last year in 2019, we had 10 crashes at this intersection there was a double fatality in one of those crashes," said Jennifer Rush with the City of Bixby.

Rush said voters passed a bond to fund the new stoplights and turn lanes at the intersection in 2016.

She said it's one of the city's ten most dangerous intersections and one of the few that didn't have a light.

She said a new elementary school is opening this year, which sped up the process.

"Students and parents will be driving that a lot and dropping off students," she said.

The city activated the light yesterday. Waller said when she found out it was emotional.

"I'm going to be honest. I just broke down," Waller said.

And she prays the changes will save lives.

"There is a light there. Hopefully, people can be a little safer," said Waller.

Before the new lights and turn lanes were added, there were only two stop signs on Harvard.