May Weather Floods Graves In Pryor During Memorial Day

Monday, May 25th 2020, 9:40 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

PRYOR, Okla. - On Memorial Day, a family in Pryor is pleading for improvements at their city cemetery after finding graves of their family members covered in water and falling apart.

The family says all they wanted to do was pay respect to their loved ones at the Pryor cemetery, but they found several of their graves completely underwater."

The cemetery in Pryor is a sacred place for Robert Taylor and his family. Each headstone of the 17 family members, tells a story.

"My dad's right there, where the flag is, his headstone is underwater," said Taylor about his dad, a veteran. "My grandpa was a deputy US Marshal; back in the day. It's sad, it's really sad."

Over Memorial Day weekend, you want your loved one’s grave to look nice not a wet, muddy mess like Taylor found.

"Something needs to be done."

Taylor got in touch with Mayor Larry Lees who immediately got crews to drain the water.

Lees said it's an unfortunate situation and says the city is taking action.

"This is the oldest part of the cemetery. It needs some attention, and it's on the radar," Lees said.

Lees said that part of the cemetery is at the bottom of a hill and there are drainage issues.

Taylor says he'll keep speaking up for those who can't at the place where he and his wife also plan to be buried.

"I need to know if it’s going to be fixed or if I'm going to need to wear a snorkel when I get buried," Taylor said.

Lees said they're ready to hear concerns at an upcoming city council meeting and hope to find a permanent solution.