Webbers Falls Couple Looks Back On Tragedies Of Last Year

Friday, May 29th 2020, 9:47 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

WEBBERS FALLS, Okla. - One year ago, the town of Webbers Falls was submerged from flooding that destroyed 80 percent of the town and forced evacuations.

As if flooding wasn’t bad enough, one couple was also in a serious car crash, leaving the husband fighting for his life.

It’s been a year since the town of Webbers Falls was destroyed by flooding.

A couple who lost everything then got into a major car wreck just a week later, now looks back on all the things they're grateful for.

“I never knew a flood would be so disastrous,” said mayor Sandy Wright.

Mayor Sandy Wright remembers nearly the entire town of Webbers Falls underwater this time last year.

The flooding destroyed homes and livelihoods. Now, those are replaced by signs of growth and continued persistence.

“The people in Webbers Falls have amazed me,” Wright said.

Several feet of water destroyed Georgiana O'Grady and her husband Tim's home.

On top of it all, exactly one year ago Friday, a car crashed into their vehicle after the other car hydroplaned.

Tim fractured ribs and punctured his lung.

He spent weeks in the hospital, and Georgina prayed for his improvement, while she picked up the pieces.

"I didn't have nothing else,” said Georgiana. “He was the only thing I had."

“So much has changed,” Tim said.

Tim is now walking, he's recovering.

“I am getting around a lot better than I was,” said Tim.

The two now have a new home in the same town.

“The community they just pitched in and helped."

Because the people in Webbers Falls are resilient.

"I've got a wonderful wife and a town that's been real supportive,” said Tim.

The O'Gradys said they're blessed to have each other to hold on to.