Tulsa Businesses Vandalized After Sunday Protest

Monday, June 1st 2020, 5:37 am


What started out as a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Tulsa eventually escalated to vandalism in Brookside as more people gathered.

A few of the stores on the north end of the shopping center were affected.

Protesters took a bench and threw it into the glass at Round the House consignment store.

News On 6 was there as a group of protesters made their way down here and started smashing in windows.

Our reporter Emory Bryan was here as they showed up, and some of the protesters smashed in the windows of his station vehicle.

Minutes later, Tulsa Police showed up and started firing several rounds of pepper balls to get them to leave.

By this point, the actual Black Lives Matter march was over and most of the protesters had left; and we spoke with several people who said this doesn’t represent what the original protest was about.

"It was peaceful the entire time, I walked all the way from Guthrie Green to downtown all the way over here. It was peaceful; everybody was getting along, until people want to come mess it up."

From what can be seen in the strip mall, none of the stores south of this one were damaged.