Former TU Lineman Willie Wright Hoping To Earn Starting Position With Cleveland Browns In 2nd Season

Tuesday, June 9th 2020, 10:29 pm
By: Daniel Hawk

TULSA, Okla. -

Former TU offensive tackle Willie Wright is entering his second season with the Cleveland Browns.

Willie is back in Green Country getting the work in with former TU great Jerry Ostroski. 

His training is a little unconventional to get set for the Browns.

With the NFL at a standstill, former TU offensive tackle Willie Wright has gotten creative with his workouts to be ready for his second season with Cleveland Browns. Some football players lift weights, but Wright uses his Toyota Tundra.

"Actually, the truck that was just a change up because we get workouts from strength coaches from Cleveland and we don't have a sled, so I was like, ‘hey we got a truck,’" Wright said.

He's also using the garage of Jerry Ostroski - a former TU great and Buffalo Bill. Ostroski played 8 seasons in the league and Wright is learning all he can. 

"I'm able to pick his brain. If I can be a sponge around him and soak up as much of it as I can, I should be golden," Wright said.

Nothing is guaranteed at the pro level, but Wright believes the hard work that he is doing now might be enough to earn a spot in the Browns' starting lineup this season.

"It’s a good chance. All I ask for is an opportunity to go in and I'm going to go in with my blue-collar mindset, scratching, clawing and fighting to make the team," Wright said.

"It's like that old saying, a poor diet will kill a great workout any day right. It’s the same thing here. If you aren't putting the time in, you’re not working in the weight room or on the field. You’re not going to get the opportunity anyway,” Ostroski said.