Wagoner County Woman Named Person Of Interest In Roommate's Disappearance

Thursday, June 11th 2020, 9:39 pm

Investigators have a person of interest in the case of Talina Galloway, a woman who's been missing from Wagoner for more than two months.

The sheriff said they've taken Galloway's roommate into custody on other charges and are trying to get more information from her about Galloway's disappearance.

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott said Kore Adams is Galloway’s roommate, and she's the one who reported Galloway missing, 10 days after she was last seen.

He said they searched their home near Fort Gibson yesterday.

"As a result of that search warrant, we established Core had actually been using Talina's credit cards," Elliott said.

Sheriff Elliott said they also discovered Adams was taking money out of Galloway's bank account and selling some of her things.

They also learned Adams had firearms even though she has a previous felony conviction.

They say Adams had destroyed evidence that could have been helpful in the search for Galloway.

"We believe that Kore the roommate has knowledge of her whereabouts," Elliott said.

Sheriff Elliott said they have several investigators working to find Galloway.

Elliott said Adams was cooperating in the beginning but as they began to ask her more questions, she got an attorney.

OSBI agents are helping with the case.

"I want Talina's family to know we're using all the resources the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office has, with multiple highly-trained investigators on this case," Elliott said. "We're not ready to give up on it by no means, we're still working very hard on it."

The sheriff is asking anyone with information about Galloway to come forward.