OSU, OU, ORU To See Games Played At ONEOK Field

Thursday, June 11th 2020, 10:18 pm
By: Daniel Hawk

Baseball is back at ONEOK Field - It might not be the Tulsa Drillers, but there will be plenty to cheer when the Texas Collegiate Baseball starts later this month. 

Each team in the 10-team league can have up to 4 players from each school like OU, OSU, and ORU. It gives fans more to get excited about, according to Tulsa Drillers’ President Mike Melega.

"We will have that local connection. Much more so than we typically have with the Drillers. Not only our home teams will have that local connection, so were going to have local connections on both sides of the field,” Melega said.

Not only will fans get to see some of the top collegiate baseball talent in downtown Tulsa, it also means some much-needed revenue for the Drillers.

"The thought of not having any games until next April was really not a great thing. These 15 games are a little bit better than 20 percent of the 70-game schedule that we’ll probably lose this year with the Drillers. That gives us some momentum into next season,” Melega said.

Melega hopes that the games that will be played later in the month of June could potentially bring more games to ONEOK Field down the line.

“The thought has crossed our mind. We are focused on this three-week sprint to opening day, but sure, if this is something that is well received and we feel like we can do it concurrently, I don't know why we wouldn't consider it,” Melega said.