Jay Family Searching For Answers After Man Killed In Police Altercation

Monday, June 22nd 2020, 6:12 pm
By: Brooke Griffin


A family in Jay is begging for answers after their loved one was shot and killed by police during an altercation on Friday, according to a release sent by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

They said Jay Police came to their house on Friday morning around 6a.m. to notify them that their family member, Henry Barnes Junior was shot and killed during an altercation early Friday morning. They said even four days later, all they know is he was fatally shot, but they haven’t heard from investigators since then and haven’t once been allowed to see his body.

The town of Jay hasn’t had an officer involved shooting in more than 17 years, but Barnes’ death broke that streak on Friday.

Barnes’ cousin, Jennifer Davis, said that death notification visit was the last time the family has heard anything from law enforcement. She said the not knowing is devastating the family.

“The family knows nothing; the medical examiner has been contacted and hasn’t responded, there’s been no answers at all,” Davis said.

Davis said they have been trying to get the details of his death for four days and there has been nothing but silence from law enforcement.

Barnes’ niece KK Sapp said she and Barnes were very close and she can’t believe he’s gone.

“I never thought anything like this could happen, but once it did it’s just a big shock, I just broke down,” Davis said.

Sapp said she just keeps watching old videos and looking at pictures to help get her through the heartbreak of not knowing what happened to her uncle.

“I don’t know if there is such thing as moving on just moving forward,” Sapp said.

Davis said she knows Junior had some bad moments in his past but said she is worried those are the moments that may have gotten him killed.

“You put labels on someone, doesn’t mean they deserve to die,” Davis said. “I believe there could’ve been a different route.”

The family said they have one request to any OSBI and Jay Police investigators, they’re simply asking for any closure and details on his death so they can let Barnes’ be laid to rest in peace.

These family members said they can’t help but wonder if this shooting was racially charged since he is a Native American man; they said they won’t stop until they get “Justice for Junior.”