Wagoner County Sheriff Releases New Details In Woman’s Disappearance Investigation

Wednesday, June 24th 2020, 6:19 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero

The Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office believes a trailer could help them find Wagoner woman Talina Galloway, who has been missing since April.

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That trailer was found after the current owner of the trailer saw a Facebook post from a news on 6 reporter about this case.

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliott said the trailer could be a clue to finding Talina. He also said Talina's roommate Kore Bommeli intentionally hid the trailer from them, and was arrested two weeks ago for obstruction of evidence and possession of a firearm. ​

"Her stories didn't add up and we found that she was lying and being deceptive about where the whereabouts of the trailer," Sheriff Elliott said. "As we continued to interview her, we became suspicious that Talina was missing under suspicious circumstances and that Kore had information about the whereabouts of Talina she wasn’t being forthcoming with."

Bommeli reported Talina missing back on April 17th. ​The arrest report says Bommeli told investigators Talina was quarantined at home for COVID-19. Bommeli also said Talina left home in fear of being put on a ventilator. However, investigators said Talina was never screened for COVID and Bommeli hadn't talked to Talina since April 7th --- 10 days before she reported Talina missing. 

"So that's a huge time gap there's a lot of things that could've happened between that time," Sheriff Elliott said. ​

Investigators said Bommeli had the trailer in a storage unit in Edmond back in May. Investigators said Bomelli rented the storage unit using a different name, such as Adams, Bomelli and other names as her last name. 

A man came forward on Tuesday claiming he bought the trailer from Bommeli. ​Investigators also found blood in the garage and bedroom of Bommeli and Talina's home. ​Sheriff Elliot said this is still a missing person's case, there is evidence Bommeli was involved in Talina's disappearance. ​

"By moving evidence around evidence what we believe or thought to be evidence, we have a lot of questions e of why that was going on but she won’t talk to us about it right now," Sheriff Elliot said. 

​Bomelli is out of jail on bond. Investigators have moved the trailer back to Wagoner County and are working with the OSBI to look inside for evidence.