Black-Owned Businesses Lend Support In BLM Rally In Owasso

Saturday, June 27th 2020, 10:21 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero

OWASSO, Okla. -

Following last week's presidential visit to Tulsa, the Owasso community came together Saturday evening to rally for Black lives. 

Attendees who attended to rally said they want to make their own statement: continuing forward by coming together. ​

"A lot of the situations that were looking at across the country, really across the world right now, is because we don't have the relationships that we need to have," youth pastor Darick Morton said.

Morton was one of several speakers who were invited to speak at the rally. ​He said communities need to keep holding gatherings so that the healing process can continue.  ​

"Sometimes, when there is grief, or when there's pain, or when there is intense action like what we’re seeing across the globe right now, it’s good because it draws attention to what it is that needs to be dealt with," Morton said.

Christina Johnson organized the rally as well as a march in Owasso earlier this month. ​

"Black Lives Matter isn't a moment. It’s a movement,” Johnson said. “We really need to keep this going to incite change.” ​

Johnson invited Black business owners, including Patrice Mitchell, who owns her own flower shop.

Mitchell said that her grandson is both Black and Asian. She hopes for a world where he can be treated equally sooner rather than later.

​"I hope the exposure changes the attitudes and beliefs," Mitchell said.

Morton said he's proud of his city for continuing to act and inspire change. ​

"Now the hard work is curing our ill,” Morton said. “The only way to cure a split is to reconcile and to bring it back together.”

All the money raised at Saturday's rally will be donated to the Tulsa Dream Center.