Update: Woman Shares Her Side Of Story After Nail Salon Altercation

Monday, June 29th 2020, 5:49 pm
By: William Blanchette

TULSA, Okla. -

There are new developments in a story about a Tulsa business owner who claimed she was attacked by a group of women.

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The owner of Lavish Spa and Beauty filed a police report against the customer and another women. However, Aerial Collins wanted to clear the air about what happened at Lavish Spa and Beauty Thursday afternoon.

 “We might come across and make people stand off, but you really have to know me from the heart,” Collins said.

Collins said she was trying to help a friend who paid for a nail service she was unsatisfied with at the business. She decided to confront the owner to try to negotiate a refund.

 “I was like, ‘why you charged 30 dollars?’ and she was like, ‘no no no, you don’t come into my shop,” Collins said.

Collins said the owner began yelling at them. The cellphone video from the owner showed Collins hitting the phone out of her hand.

“I smacked the phone out of her hand because she was like, ‘we come in here really loud and ghetto’ and I said, ‘why you are calling us ghetto? Because we are black,”’ Collins said.

The owner said she was assaulted by Collins and the other women in front of her shop, but according to Collins, that’s not true. Collins said the owner fell when attempting to push them outside.

Collins believes this should have never gotten out of hand. Tulsa police are still investigating the incident.