Gov. Stitt Addresses Oklahoma's New Record Number Of COVID-19 Cases

Tuesday, June 30th 2020, 5:26 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

Governor Kevin Stitt addressed the increase in COVID-19 numbers on Tuesday afternoon, saying despite the increase, hospitalization rates remain manageable.

Governor Kevin Stitt said they're noticing a shift in positive cases as younger Oklahomans are now testing positive. He said of all of the active cases right now, 71% of them are in people under the age of 50. With younger people testing positive, Stitt says the death rate has remained low and steady.

The Governor also announced today he is issuing an executive order that will create a color coded system to break down outbreaks on the county level.

Stitt said data shows that the virus is spreading in localized outbreaks instead of large waves. He said this new system will allow counties to make individual decisions that are best for them.

Stitt is also encouraging Oklahomans to wear masks, but will not require it.

He said people in Oklahoma have handled this outbreak better than any other state, as they expected cases to go up when more businesses reopened.

"We had 306 people in the hospital in the state of Oklahoma on April 24th,” said Stitt. “We started our reopening plan. Today we have 315 people in the hospital, even after 68 days of reopening. That's a great stat. It's just a testament to how Oklahomans are handling this situation."

The Governor also announced today a 15 thousand dollar grant that is now available to all long term care facilities to help purchase PPE and other resources.