Ottawa Co. Sheriff Estimates At Least $40,000 in Damage After Jail Riot

Thursday, July 9th 2020, 6:11 pm
By: Amy Slanchik


The Ottawa County Jail has tens of thousands of dollars in damages after the sheriff said inmates caused riot and started a fire.

The Ottawa County Sheriff said moments before the riot started, inmates destroyed the security camera, which immediately caught the attention of detention staff at the jail.

Sheriff Jeremy Floyd said 4 or 5 inmates started rioting, then lit books, clothing and trash on fire. After several interviews, investigators learned why it all started; they said three inmates were unhappy about their bonds last Thursday night.

"Hopefully they could have a bond reduction before the Fourth of July, so they could get out, but it didn't happen so therefore they were upset,” Sheriff Floyd said.

Several recently replaced windows now have cracked glass. Between the windows, the camera and lighting that needs to be fixed, Floyd estimated the damage will cost about $40,000- $50,000.

The jail also had another fire last fall, sparked by an electrical issue. All the inmates temporarily moved to other county jails, which Ottawa County taxpayers paid for. Floyd said insurance helped pay for repairs, but all in all, the problems caused by that fire cost nearly $300,000. Now, the jail is facing this latest setback.

"It's frustrating, you know. And trying to convince those guys and gals back there that this is your living facility. You have to live here,” Floyd said. “And so you know, respect it, take care of it. That's all we ask.”

Floyd said the names of the inmates suspected of being involved will not be released until the investigation wraps up. Three inmates went to the hospital, but Floyd said they are all OK.

The investigation hasn't been turned over to the District Attorney's office yet. It will be up to that office to determine if the inmates will face any new charges in addition to what they're already in for.