Tulsa Parents Create Mini In-Home Schools

Wednesday, July 22nd 2020, 9:16 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

TULSA, Okla. -

Every parent in Oklahoma is weighing their options when it comes to school this fall.

Many are trying to decide between sending kids back to school or having them learn from home. Many teachers are afraid of going back to school this year, and so are parents, so now some are joining forces to make their own mini, at-home schools.

Lauren DeGarmo is a mom to Jenks 6th grader Beckham and 3rd grader Callen.

Like many other parents, she was afraid school might start, then close again and she said virtual learning sounded daunting.

"We don't think from an education standpoint, we're not the best person," she said.

What started as a joke with her husband now may become a reality. 

Lauren and some of her friends with kids of similar ages want to create a microschool, which they're calling "friend school" for their 8 kids.

She said their plan is to use the school's virtual learning curriculum and hire a teacher to help their kids, four days a week at their homes.

"I love the aspect of helping students any way as possible," Jade Jackson said.

Jade Jackson teaches English as a Second Language in Tulsa. She said she's scared to go back to school and possibly be exposed to COVID-19, so she's considering teaching privately or in a microschool like Lauren's.

"I can offer the supplemental instruction the children may need just to get them through what this pandemic is," Jackson said.

Jackson said a lot of parents are expressing interest, and she wants them to know they don't have to settle for just a few choices this year.

"This affords us a third option because together we can do something for our kids," Lauren said.

Jackson said she's still finalizing how payment will work and is working to help parents that can't afford tutoring but are still interested.

To contact her, email jadejackson42@gmail.com